Armoury sponsorships for athletes and sports clubs who have the drive to excel beyond their competitors.

Become the warrior you can be with a helping hand.

We are currently accepting applications for sponsorships to represent Sarafan Sports based from The Armoury Gym Bristol.
All applicants will be considered for any kind of sporting activity at any level.
Sponsorships for charity organisers and individual events will not be considered due to contractual requirements. Please contact head office for enquiries of donations to this nature.

Stage 1

Discounted membership, discounted products, advice and support.

Stage 2

Further discounted membership, discounted products, personal training, advice and support, promotional work.

Stage 3

Free membership, free products, personal training, advice and support, media exposure, promotional work, designed portfolio, personal agent.

Please note that all sponsorships will require a 6-12 month renewable contract. In addition we expect minimum yearly competition participation, and contribution to development of company projects within your sporting capacity. These can include, company promotional work, testimonies, interviews, guest appearances and other reasonable applications.

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