Leverage Chest and Shoulder press, squat machine t-bar row

How you can push harder to pack on muscle faster gains with leverage

Leverage machines have successfully produced accelerated gains in overall muscular size and strength. They can do that because they provide the same natural gravity forces as a barbell or dumbbell. That type of raw, pure resistance is the most effective means of force against the muscle. We know free-weight training works, but it has limitations. Leverage machines, because they safely control the exercise at all times, allow you to push the muscle to total failure. That’s the reason leverage is the superior form of anaerobic strength training and why thousands of bodybuilders, pro athletes and even beginners use these machines every day.

Stack weight machines, smith machine, Olympic rack, cable crossover with 8 weight points, adjustable benches, bench press, preacher bicep curl

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Treadmills, cross trainers, upright bike, stepper

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Life Fitness has resulted in becoming the global leader in the commercial fitness industry with over 400 different products delivered to thousands of commercial and home fitness customers worldwide.

Throughout their history, Life Fitness’ dedication to constantly develop better, more effective fitness equipment is rivaled only by their desire to be a partner to help customers who choose to become fit, or to provide a healthy lifestyle to others

Over 500kg of weight plates, dumbbells 2-70kg, various Olympic bars, arm blaster

Gym Equipment supplied to commercial gyms and professionals alike. Fully qualified workshop engineers, personal trainers with years of experience sourcing and fabricating only the best gym and weight equipment

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