Keep Your Blood Flowing

Your circulatory system will benefit from a healthy lifestyle in many ways.

When you eat right and get exercise your oxygen levels increase. 

This gives your body’s cells the energy they need to perform at their peak level. A healthy lifestyle prevents heart disease by keeping your arteries and blood vessels strong and elastic. Regular exercise strengthens your heart and lungs keeping your body fit.

A healthy diet low in fat and sugar can prevent the buildup of cholesterol in your blood vessels and reduce your risk for heart attacks and strokes. It also keeps your fat and triglyceride levels normal, another important preventative measure to prevent heart disease.

Taking showers that change from hot to cold temperatures will also increase blood flow around the body, hot water will bring your blood to the skin level to help cool down, cold water sends your blood back towards your organs to keep them warm, this will cause an increase in blood circulation that can lead to other benefits such as healthier skin and hair loss prevention

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