Breathe Easier

People who do not smoke have a much lower incidence of asthma and respiratory conditions. 

Men have a 23 times greater risk for lung cancer and women have a 13 times greater risk if they smoke than non-smokers. 

Smoking increases your risk for heart disease by 200 to 400 percent. Not smoking is just part of a healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise increases your lung capacity and strengthens your lungs. It keeps your airways clear and helps prevent respiratory issues. When your lungs work better you bring in more oxygen which increases your overall health throughout your entire body.

Respiration is a chemical reaction that takes place within all of your body’s cells, with more oxygen the chemical reactions in your body’s cells can work at a faster and freer flowing rate, causing your body to generate more energy, strengthen your immune system, and optimizes your breathing capability which vastly reduces shortness of breath and helps with snoring issues

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